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Seriously is dangerous, went to sit and chair rolled backwards. I fell hurting my back, head, both legs and arms. The wheel brake is faulty. I am now afraid to use this walker. I am waiting to see a back specialist. I am still having so much pain. I can hardly walk and my butt hurts so bad making it almost impossible for me to be able to sit down at all ! My right elbow to my hand not only hurts but is going to sleep, tingling and burns. My... Read more

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DO NOT BUY Drive Medical's Voyager Pro Nebulizer. First, it is very difficult to assemble. Its parts do not fit together well and once in place, they are extremely difficult to remove for cleaning. To clean it, you are required to be extremely careful not to get liquid on the base, not touch the screen but yet you have to take an extra step to run clear water through the screen when finished by running the device. Once you have it all assembled,... Read more

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Drive Medical - Stained Bedside Assist Rail
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The Bedside Assist Rail I bought from Drive Medical via e-bay was advertised as new. The picture on eBay shows clean white rails. However, the item I received has brown stains all over it (two lots of stain are pictured below). The stains do not come off and look unhygienic, leaving the item unusable. The item I received was either not a new or it was a factory-second. E-bay refused to help. I opened a case, saying that the item I received was... Read more

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I was considering the Duet Rollator Transport Chair but not anymore. I put my 82-year-old mother in the chair at the medical supply store and when she leaned forward the chair suddenly flipped forward sending her tumbling across the floor. She was sore from the fall but fortunately not seriously injured. The chair component is very dangerous and unstable. Later I researched the product online and I found many other reports of the chair flipping... Read more

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Don't waste your money on the hurrycane they fall apart more than you think. My husband's fell apart in two places and instead of replacing it etc. They want us to pay $19.95 to pay for replacement piece of *** canes. The bungee cord broke in my husband's.

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I purchased a bed from Prime Plus. About a month after, they were purchased by Drive. I went out of my way to avoid buying a low air loss bed/frame from Drive because I've heard such bad things, but once they bought out PrimePlus there was nothing I could do. PrimePlus offered what they told me was a solid metal frame and a 15 year warranty. Cut to one year later, today. The frame is broken, and drive is refusing to honor the warranty. ... Read more

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My mother ordered a Bathroom Safety Shower Tub Bench Chair, which is supposed to be durable and hold up to 400lbs. For the first month or so, the bench was great. I put it together for her with ease, as there was simple thumb screws and click-adjusting legs. Recently, less than two months after purchasing this product, the legs have become uneven and the bench rocks due to the various leg heights. I have taken it apart and put it back... Read more

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My mother was thrown from the "Drive" walker on two occasions when a tiny bump was hit on carpet. The second time she was even holding on tightly when I was slowly pushing her on a sidewalk. The front wheels have no forgiveness. Now she is afraid to be pushed in it. The walker should have a safety belt since the seat is so hard. Maybe if the seat was more like a wheel chair seat and she could sink more in it and a safety belt, it would be... Read more

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My Drive knee Walker has developed a loose post that holds the handlebars and steers the unit. It rattles and feels like it's falling apart and there seems to be no way of tightening it. What's the cure? I gives one a really unsteady feeling like it's going to fall apart any minute. Has anyone else experienced this happening. I would like to know how to fix it or get it repaired. I don't know where I can get any information on it. Read more

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I was given a brand new Nitro rollator by my brother and within 8 mo. the handle broke off and caused me to fall and cut my forearm and the gagged edge. Customer service said I had to go through the store that sold it, but they don't do repairs on the products they sell, they told me. Drive did send them a replacement part, but I still had to make arrangements to get it fixed elsewhere. Now the other handle has just broken off, and am very... Read more

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