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I received a pair of crutches from the urgent care office for a strained ankle. While walking ( crunching ) the crutch tips failed due to a missing washer.

My crutched collapsed and I now have a torn Achilles' tendon. I called to complain and was only offered properly manufactured crutch tips. The second crutch failed the same way. The first crutch failed less than 1 day after I received, the second failed less than 1 week of use.

I read the injury can take a year to never to completely heal.

I hope I can still hike with my kids. I'm only 25 and worried I will walk with a limp forever

  • Drive manufacturing mistakes
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Your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance. Please allow us the opportunity to resolve this issue by contacting our company @ 877 224 0946. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Sorry to hear that. I would have hoped after I called to tell them their mistake they would implement some robust manufacturing otherwise the part is garenteed to fail shortly after you get the hang of walking with crutches.


I had the same thing happen to me. Broken foot and leg and just wiped out when the end of the crutch failed.

I was going to the restroom in my home which is mostly carpeted.

When I got to the restroom, the metal end was exposed and down I went. I hurt my hand and my shoulder on my left side and my right leg and foot are now in severe pain again.

James Davidson




you also got hurt we NEED to find a lawyer this company is NOT taking responability for their products