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I have had many conversations with "Drive Medical" about the problem charging the batteries on the motorized wheel chair. They won't even look at it.

They tell be now after a 4 month runaround, that I have to mail them the battery charger and if that is the problem then I will get a new one free. If it is not the problem I will have to buy a new one. What sense does that make? If it isn't broke why would I want a new one.

This company is awful to deal with. Don't buy medical equipment for your loved ones.

My father had to go without this chair for the last 6 months of his life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Drive Medical Chair.

Monetary Loss: $1499.

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Your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance. Please allow us the opportunity to resolve this issue by contacting our company @ 877 224 0946. We look forward to hearing from you.


Drive Devilbiss Healthcare


I had a similar experience with the Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair (complaint posted separately). The part that is supposed to hold up the leg rests broke and the patient's leg fell to the floor and got caught in the wheels.

It is very unsafe, and Drive Medical says they will not honor the warranty because I called five months after we purchased the chair, and the warranty for "non-durable parts" is 90-days.

Even if they did replace the part I wouldn't trust it to hold any weight unless the part was recreated out of a stronger material than plastic. It should be recalled and fixed.


This product was damaged by the user of the chair and let the battery sit uncharged for 5 months and then wanted a new one at no charge. you can't buy a car and not turn it on for 5 months and expect the car to start.

The battery will be dead. I have purchased many items from Drive and they have always stood by there products and warranty

@This is not a True Complaint

So let me get this straight, you are familiar with this specific case (although no case number or customer information is given) and you are a customer who purchases many items from Drive? Which is it, are you an insider with amazing knowledge or one of their many satisfied customers (said sarcastically)? Only someone as poorly informed as the senior management (or contains the diamond DNA) at Drive could believe this This is not a true complaint is a real rebuttal from a happy client.

@This is not a True Complaint

really please email me patty95605@live.com and help me get my walker replaced since pride will not return calls or emails


Just to let everyone know we had the walker cut up so no one would EVER use and throw it out