We bought a Drive 780 knee walker in January. Within 3 weeks, the brake cable broke at the handle. We returned the equipment for repair only to learn the health equipment provider had nothing to repair the knee walker with - Drive had not provided them with parts. So we got a loaner/replacement.

Within 3 weeks, the loaner had also a broken brake cable (in the same place). Upon returning the 2nd knee walker, we were told there were no more knee walkers with working brakes to be had. After a week of using the knee walker with no brakes, I was concerned about my husband's safety, so we called the provider back and were told to please bring the 2nd knee walker back for a replacement. In the meantime, we began calling other health equipment providers in town to see if they maybe had parts for this brand. We were given a number for Drive directly. We also went online and found Drive Mobility Equipment's website but no source for parts.

We then called Drive and were advised that they could not by law sell to the public - only providers. At this point we called Consumer Affairs at the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs for the state of Florida. The counselor was very helpful and suggested we call the provider and tell them of our frustrations.

We called the provider back and were reassured that they would make it right for us and for us to bring the 2nd knee walker back. We did this and sat down and talked with the manager, Jan and a LPN Trish - both of them were more then willilng to work with us agreeing to "buy back" the knee walker we bought and apply our purchase cost toward rent until we no longer needed it.

This worked out for us but we are righteously concerned about other patients who were also issued knee walkers, experienced the same failure of brakes we did and there were several of them - we ran into them in doctor's office and at dinner in restaurants. All of them had experienced brake cable failure.

When we took the 2nd knee walker back, Jan told us they now had 11 knee walkers down for the same problem and they were sorry they had ever purchased the equipment in the first place.

We are now on our 3rd knee walker - the brakes never worked very well to start with and now that cable has also broken. We are close to be finished with our need for a knee walker. But what can be done about this company and their faulty equipment? We believe the idea of a knee walker is good but the actual equipment is basically flawed and the company needs to recall them and/or redesign the knee walker for the safety of those who use it.

Our 3rd knee walker experienced the second design failure - the height adjustment buttons on one of the rear legs came off - we had to work it back into position and then use adhesive tape to hold it in place. We taped the other back leg to forestall a similar failure. Both back legs are wobbly.

Thank you for anything you can do to help get this situation corrected for the safety of patients who must have a means of navigating without putting any weight on their foot.

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Your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance. Please allow us the opportunity to resolve this issue by contacting our company @ 877 224 0946. We look forward to hearing from you.


Drive Devilbiss Healthcare

Ada, Oklahoma, United States #827288

had a drive knee walker . the first day the steering wheel kept turning opposite or the wheels caused me to fall more than one time!!!!

I learned to deal with that.in the third week the scooter broke in half. it made a clean break in the weld under the seat,and the bar...they are not built well .and are dangerous ...please use with caution.i not went to another company got a roscoe knee walker ,much better

Sacramento, California, United States #683854
well after rea :x ding all 16 reply all I have to say is OMG :roll are prides products made in china/korea/japan because it looks like there are more bad ones out there than good/working units.

I am glad some of you got pride to at least call or email you back and very happy to the person who got pride to replace the broken part you are lucky[maybe]

why does pride treat people like this?
large company? already has our money? just does not care?
Punta Gorda, Florida, United States #608561

Walker arrived today from amazon. Haven't got it together yet.

Cannot get the handle bar column to connect with the wheels to turn.

turn handle bars and the wheels do not turn. Any suggestions.

I have a rear wheel that has 2 flat spots very bummpy ride having a problem finding replacement wheels :cry
I had a problem with the handlebars and wheels going different directions. Also had braking problems. Took the Drive 790 to a bicycle shop! That was the way to go. They adjusted the brakes and the height and handlebars to fit me better.

Problems? NEEDS better steering. It has a horrible turning radius.

It needs a parking brake! I am allowed now to put my foot down to load the 790 in my car. It rolls backward or away from me at any given time.

It needs a cup holder for my coffee cup. It is very hard to do anything other than just use the knee walker. Especially since there is no way to hang on and use the brakes and hold things.

DO practice for a few weeks before any surgery. It is so cumbersome at first.

Be VERY careful going down a wheelchair ramp. Small steps with the good leg and keep your hands on the brakes!

To be completely non-weight-bearing was HORRIBLE. It is almost impossible to fold this down and get it in the car and get me in the car and off to work alone. :upset

SO i recently had foot surgery which required me to be 8 weeks non weight bearing. For 6 weeks I hadn't had a single problem with my knee scooter then once I had moved up to my dorm my 790 Drive medical scooter broke.

The handle bars would turn and leave the wheels going straight and when I picked it up to bring up stairs the front wheels fell off. In dire need of wheels I went to my university's disability center where they loaned me another Drive 790.

a week later the handle bars started to turn again and wouldn't you know it if the wheels didn't fall off. Is this a model defect or do I just have bad luck?


I had foot surgery and was on a knee walker for quite some time. Once my foot healed, I then had to have knee surgery on my good leg because of the damage done by using my good leg to get around.

No one ever told me this would be a problem. It caused hairline fractures below the knee, all the cartilage is gone.

Now, because of using the knee walker, I can no longer go for long walks, no longer garden and no longer ride a bicycle. Wish someone had warned me.


1st off Great product…BEWARE you will have NO Customer Service. I contacted the Drive Medical, they said send pic’s & order # and they would take care of it.

I contacted Amazon c-service at the same time and they said we can’t do anything, received email from Drive Medical they do no warranty or parts and said I need to contact the seller. Contacted Ace Photo and they said it’s on Amazon.

If you buy on-line sometimes you just get screwed.

PS I have a scooter for sale that is in 2 pieces

Hill Point, Wisconsin, United States #446154

I have just received a Drive 790, new, dropped shipped from Cigna health insurance. I am 60, recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and this one is not for the home. I would not recommend it as a stable unit. The wheels are too big, the front steering system makes it very unstable and it requires constant attention during operation.

Get the 780 or Gold model, it has a loop handle, much more stable, has the little basket and it is much cheaper. I had this unit for three weeks due to CIGNA not being able to get their act together. I tried and tried to convince CIGNA to purchase the cheaper 780 unit, but to no avail.



The left break on my Drive knee walker does not engage due to a weld that is a bit off but the right had p\worked like a champ !

I couldn't imagine using crutches - recovery of my foot is challenging enough ! I would repurchase !

I have managed to break the basket mount - does anyone know where replacement parts might be available ?

I recently purchased a used Drive 780 due to a broken foot. It was cheaper to buy one than to rent, in the long run.

I did get a used one so did expect it to have flaws however, I am experiencing the same issue with the brakes. When I first recieved the unit, one brake worked fine however, the other one didn't work at all. I adjusted the loose one which seemed to correct the problem. Within a couple of days, the brakes were loose again so I adjusted them again...both sides.

On day six of having the unit, I had to adjust them once again however, after adjusting them, I got on it to move and as soon as I put pressure on the handle, the upper cable broke inside the handle. I was so disappointed. As I said, I purchased it used so expected it to not be perfect but didn't expect total brake failure within just a few days. The knee walker itself is fantastic.

It sure is better than crutches but is pretty scarey without functioning brakes. I have been looking for replacement brakes for it however, am coming up empty handed too.

Looks like I should have done more research on this before I made the purchase. :(

I have been using the Drive 790 for over a month now and it has been a godsend. (they must have improved the brakes from the 780 model) Yes, I fell over twice, but that was me not being careful with the narrow wheelbase.

The wheels have to be narrow to accommodate the scooter's amazing manuverability, just don't push it! I do think that they should make the steering component more stable, slight bumps will jolt the wheels and turn the handlebars easily.

Otherwise, the design is perfect and it has made my life so much more bearable. Just like anything else with wheels, use it with caution and you will be fine.

However, like most American consumers, the complainers above want the company to build something that will be 100% risk free. Do you sue when you trip on a store's doormat too?


To Brenda, If your walker is tipping over you probably do not have the wheels offset like the directions show. I had the same problem until I figured it out.

The brakes do stink on these that is for sure. Mine broke immediately.


yes it is helpful in both drive knee walker and also adjust height


I had a similar experience with the Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair (complaint posted separately). The part that is supposed to hold up the leg rests broke and the patient's leg fell to the floor and got caught in the wheels.

It is very unsafe, and Drive Medical says they will not honor the warranty because I called five months after we purchased the chair, and the warranty for "non-durable parts" is 90-days.

Even if they did replace the part I wouldn't trust it to hold any weight unless the part was recreated out of a stronger material than plastic. It should be recalled and fixed.


this is a great product. I used it for 5 weeks. Life would not have been the same with without it.


Just assembled the walker. On its lowest height adjustment, it is uncomfortably high for me.

I'm 5'4", slightly taller than the average American woman (according to Google), so I'd expected it would accommodate me. One brake is stuck and will need adustment -- no instructions included for this.

The hand portion of the brake is designed for a HUGE hand. This product seems to have been designed with only men or tall women in mind.


I have been on this walker for two days. It has to be the most dangerous knee walker I have ever seen.

The walker will tip over so easy and you go flying off. It turned over on me today and I put my foot down that is not suppose to touch the ground for at least eight weeks. The pain was tremendous. Someone needs to pull this walker right off the market.

The brakes don't hold up very well either considering I applied the brakes and kept on rolling. I really hope I don't fall again with this.

I would sure hate to go through this surgury again considering it was caused by something that is suppose to make your life better not worse. If you want to keep selling this walker you really need to broaden the wheel base so it won't flip over so easy.

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