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The pad for the leg rest was attached with a weak plastic part which sheared off after just a few months of normal use by a 140 lb. person.

This was a very unsafe situation. The patient's leg fell through unexpectedly while being pushed in the chair, and her foot got caught in the wheels when the support pad fell off. Drive Medical should consider recalling the chair and/or replacing the weak plastic part with one that can hold the weight of a leg under normal use. When I called to inquire about getting a new part I was told "the frame" has a limited lifetime warranty, but "the parts" have a 90-day warranty, and as I called exactly five months after the purchase date (bought Feb 22 and called July 22) I'm out of luck as far as the warranty is concerned.

Also, I can't just order a replacement for the small plastic piece which broke, but rather have to buy a whole new leg rest for more than I can afford to pay from a third-party vendor.

I'm unfortunately considering throwing the wheelchair on the junk heap, now, rather than getting it repaired. This is a bad situation and a sad commentary on customer service, and corporate responsibility for producing quality products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drive Medical Chair.

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this is what is happening to me. pride could care less. they claim walker has life time frame warranty BUT will NOT call or email back.