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My mother was thrown from the "Drive" walker on two occasions when a tiny bump was hit on carpet. The second time she was even holding on tightly when I was slowly pushing her on a sidewalk.

The front wheels have no forgiveness. Now she is afraid to be pushed in it. The walker should have a safety belt since the seat is so hard.

Maybe if the seat was more like a wheel chair seat and she could sink more in it and a safety belt, it would be different. The only other way is to push her in it more safely is backwards and no one wants to ride backwards.

Debbie Capps


Product or Service Mentioned: Drive Medical Walker.

Reason of review: My mother was luckily not injured.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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July 12, 2016

I was looking for recalls on the Drive Transport Chair/Rollator. Today I was thrown from my chair while my nurse was pushing me on the flat carpet!

In my apartment building. We was told that the front Left Wheel was shaking so bad; just before it threw me on the floor. I was hurt badly and had to call 911 to help me off the floor.

Then I had to go to the ER where I spent 8 hours in pain. This chair in unsafe!

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