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odyssey gt disability scooters there junk. fuolets info claim 2year waratey come find out 14 mouths discontnud goes 22 miles there claim goes only 3-4 miles seems to over heat even in cool weather june 2019 about15 day batteries nut new with unit dearler change out want was on hand the company I beleve now there`s acomputer board fuses faled to blowout causing 800.00- 1`000.00 new computer bourd the compony seem to know there cuod or would be other matres or the old one`s would remine batteriess 2 a crack 300.00 a time about 1,000.00 battery in 2years dealer under are parts changer not truble shoter Oswald`s good people.


but give fults mileading info problems with my scooter or yours odyssey gt under trained tech1s neguguse of on line training not trained in reading batties code or new battery1s time of sale or after 2 years at stores or fattery do nut buy eney thing discontinud this unit has nade same itus from the start componey defruding people of disability. here I come news us attorney genrale

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