Phoenix, Arizona

My nebulizer failed under warrantee. I hecked with drive medical and was advised to return it to the selling vendor. I contacted them in Nov 2012. I returned it to them. I had not heard from them so after the holidays I called them ( Oxy Med Home Care, Trenton,nj. ) They person I spoke to found it in the back room, and nothing had been done. They started to process the claim and were told by Drive medical that they don't make that model any more. There was further delay because of lack of inventory. I finally got a nebulizer on 3/19/2013.

This unit did not work properly. I spoke to drive medical about my problem with the replacement. There was a unit that would work but it would not be available untill 5/21/2013. I acepted the delay. Drive also asked me tolocate a provider here in AZ to facilitate the warrantee since the original selling vendor was not in good standing with Drive Medical.

I tried 5 different vendors and no one wanted to facilitate the warrante

I contated Drive again and explained about the 5 vendors not wanting to cover the warrantee. We came to a resolution on this date 5 17/13, and now the give me a ship date of aprox 6/6/13.

6 months of trying to get a replacement nebulizer. I had to purchase another one for health reasons, but I still need the replacement.

My advise is not to purchase Drive medical products !

Monetary Loss: $300.

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thank god you finally got pride to send you the unit.

THIS is total wrong making you wait this long. I agree NO ONE should buy anything made by pride from any one

please pass the word AND keep posting pride needs to wake up and treat us better