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Insolent customer service department. Difficulty replacing defective parts on medical bed. Contractor that installs bed is not paid for labor to remove defective parts. Customer service tries to deny service claims they can only talk with distributor. They won't pay the distributor because it is no longer an installation, so the distributor won't talk with you. And customer service knows that. While your ill loved one suffers in a mechanically dysfunctional bed causing additional health risks and challenges. This is due to defective mechanical plastic parts.

You cannot continue to deliver poor service, low quality products, at premium prices and stay in business. The outcome is disastrous. The reason that someone needs a medical bed is due to health issues. If the faulty bed exasperates their condition and causes further harm there are legal ramifications for such actions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, bad quality, defective parts and service..

Preferred solution: Pay shipping cost, labor for removal and installation of parts, and an apology for insolent customer service representative..

Drive Medical Cons: Worst customer service and care, Bad design and not safe, Defective mechanical parts.

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Your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance. Please allow us the opportunity to resolve this issue by contacting our company @ 877 224 0946. We look forward to hearing from you.


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These comments about the run around are so so true! The plastic motor on the full electric hospital bed had broken 3 times in 2015. One time it only lasted 2 wks!