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A provider in this city and I have tried to communicate with DRIVE Engineers and Legal Dept the problem that I had with The Duet Rollator Transport Chair. I was tossed from the chair and needed attention to what was happening. (Dangerous) After getting no satisfaction I went to a motorcycle shop to have them look it over. Here are the comments:

"I believe the medical device that you bought is dangerous in its current configuration. I believe that you have firsthand experience with how dangerous it was as it had dumped you out several times.

The issue is the pivot on the front wheels. When pushed forward, the wheels swivel towards the back of the device. This puts the center of gravity well behind where I believe it is safe.

We found the device dumps the passenger fairly easy when a threshold is met with the front wheels.

We moved the swiveling wheels forward and outboard by 4 inches. This makes the medical device more stable and able to meet thresholds without dumping the passenger.

I am sure others have been dumped out of this device much in the way you have been.

I hope this information that we found is useful."

It would be terrific if I knew DRIVE gets this message.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drive Medical Chair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Drive Medical Pros: Three-wheel rollator.

Drive Medical Cons: Not safe --attitude about it.

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Three weeks ago, i was sitting in a Drive rollator, bent forward just alittle, and it dumped me to the floor. I went down on my toes as my feet had been on the footbar.

Broke my right big toe, bruised my other foot and got a rug burn and bruise on my left knee. The design is flawed and Drive should pull these immediately.


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