Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SilversportII standard wheelchair: Only 2 weks old and the main weld that holds the front wheel assembly onto the chair frame broke and sent my mother tumbling out of the chair when it tipped over. The little metal brace support easily bent under the pressure.

My mom is tiny and only weighs 130 lbs, and is recuperating from surgery for a broken hip. I am appalled at the terrible workmanship and shoddy materials used in a product manufactured for people who are disabled to begin with!

What looked like a solid weld was actually a fake little tag welded box and powder coated over! Shameon you Drive Medical!

Product or Service Mentioned: Drive Medical Chair.

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Drive Devilbiss Healthcare


thanks For This Comment. Now That Medicare

Has Changed What They'll Pay For I'm Very Leary

Of What I Can Get. :eek


please got a hold of the dr who ordered this maybe if enough doctors stop using pride they will make better medical supplies